5 Common Causes of Sudden Heart Attack
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5 Common Causes of Sudden Heart Attack

Learn the 5 Common Causes of Sudden Heart Attack. This article provides information about the various reasons why a person could suffer heart diseases. Many people are enjoying their life without thinking of whom it would affect their health afterward. Read and understand the content of this article to avoid heart related problems.

The heart is the body's machine that works hard to provide other organs with sufficient oxygen and nutrients. This organ is one of the most important among other organs because it is the supplier of nutrients useful for the other organs to function properly. Without this wonderful machine of our body, there would be no life at all. These days there are many heart related diseases suffered by many people around the world due to unhealthy eating, lifestyle and poor exercises. Heart attack is one of the most common fatal diseases that could affect the heart. This article presents the causes of sudden heart attack.

The heart pumps more or less 2,000 gallons of blood which is packed with oxygen and essential nutrients. The oxygen and nutrients are carried and distributed throughout the different parts of the body by the circulatory system. When the arteries (coronary arteries) are blocked, there would be less or no distribution of oxygen and essential nutrients. In fact, there are 1 million Americans who have heart attack each year and 400 thousand of them suffer fatality. This a silent killer health condition, that is why it is very important to determine the causes of heart attack for early prevention purpose.

Emotional Stress

Too much emotional stress is one of the most common causes of sudden heart attack. Basically, stress affects the nervous system to release adrenaline hormones which increase the heart beat or rate and blood pressure level of the body. This situation could significantly increase the risks of suffering from sudden heart attack.

Excessive Alcohol Consumption

Several studies have proven that consuming alcohol in a limited amount is beneficial to the body and lower the possibility of having heart attack. However, excessive alcohol consumption increases the risk and even cause by many diseases such as liver cancer, stomach ulcer, and more. It is important to consider drinking the right amount of alcoholic beverage and as much as possible just drink the naturally made alcoholic beverage.

Cigarette Smoking

Cigarette smoking causes cancer of the lungs, throat, and mouth. In addition, it also significantly increases the risk of heart diseases especially heart attacks because it tightens the arteries, and increases the blood pressure level of the body. The tightening, building of plaque, and stimulation of blood clots within the body's major arteries cause heart attacks. We can avoid the causes of sudden heart attack by stopping to smoke cigarettes.

High Level of Blood Cholesterol

The increased level of blood cholesterol is one of the common causes of sudden heart attack. Specifically, the LDL or bad cholesterol is a harmful fat which could cause heart attack and these saturated fats forms plaque on the part of the coronary walls of the artery. The bad thing is most of these fats are found in most fast food chains. The best way to lower the blood cholesterol of the body is by following a healthy diet and performing regular exercises.


Age is one of the common causes of sudden heart attack because it cannot be controlled. Looking young outside seems possible but not the age. The body's organs are like machines that could wear and tear as we get older. Most old people aging 65 above have more risks of suffering from heart attack.

Fully understanding the causes of sudden heart attack allows us to be much aware of what is happening inside our body. Even though we are not medicine professionals, we should be responsible to maintain our body healthy and strong all the time to accomplish our tasks properly.

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Informative and helps to keep of from sudden heart attacks.Thanks