Cherry Blossoms In A Merry Heart
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Cherry Blossoms In A Merry Heart

The magnificent cherry blossom is an indication of the arrival of the spring. Cherry is a flower of hope. Cherry fruits are good for heart. Cherry is found in abundance in America. Cherry is the shield of heart health. The magnificent sight of cherry blossom brings the hopeful breeze of heart health.

The spring has come with the blush of cherry blossom. The cold weather of winter is gone. Spring and summer are back, inviting you to outdoor activities. The magnificent cherry blossom is an indication of the arrival of the spring. Cherry is the flower of hope. Cherry fruits are good for your heart health. Cherry is found in abundance in American and Europe. Cherry is the shield of heart health.

Cherry blossom announces the arrival of the spring. The magnificent sight of cherry blossom brings the hopeful breeze of heart health.

Cherry fruits are good for heart health. They are dried and preserved for longer use.  They are available everywhere throughout the year. Nutrition experts suggest that cherry fruits promote heart health. This colorful home fruit of America is a great boon to American heart health. Cherry, available in many colors, contains health-promoting properties of antioxidants. The color and taste of cherry add different medicinal values to cherry. Red cherry contains the powerful antioxidants called anthocyanins which are very good for heart-health.

Cherry fruits to make American hearts merry

The antioxidants in cherry reduce cholesterol and belly fat. Both of them are closely associated with heart diseases. Statistics reveal that more than 80 million Americans are living with some form of heart disease. American Heart Association warns about the increasing number of belly fat patients. Americans today are obese because of their consumption of high fat foods and refined sugar.

Cherry is the fruit of immortality

Legends narrate cherry as a fruit of immortality. Many cultures treat cherry fruit as a symbol fertility, merrymaking, and festivity. According to the ancient Chinese traditions, cherry is a symbol of long life.  A Chinese legend narrates that in the garden of goddess Xi Wang Mu  cherries ripen every thousand years as a symbol of immortality. It has been a traditional belief among the Chinese that cherry keeps away  evil spirits.

Health benefits of cherry fruits

1) Ayurveda, the ancient medicinal system of India, prescribes winter cherry (ashwagandha) as the best remedy for cardiovascular problems.

2) Cheery fruits contain rich nutrients such as beta carotene, Vitamin C, and potassium. The beta carotene, contained in the sour variety of cherry, is very good for heart.

3) The antioxidants in cherry, such as pectin and anthocyanins, protect blood vessels and prevent heart diseases. These antioxidants build up immune system of the body. They also protect general health of the body.

4) Cherry protects brain cells from oxidative stress, by preventing atherosclerotic plaque formation. They prevent sudden heart attacks.

5) A study by the  University of Michigan reveals that tart cherries reduce cholesterol and other symptoms of heart diseases. The research team found that diet with tart cherry reduced metabolic syndrome, which leads to heart problems.

6) A diet combined with cherry dishes or cherry drink can strengthen the blood vessels and provide you a healthy life. Sprinkling dried cherry on yogurt or oatmeal provides you a perfect topping.

Cherry makes you merry. Cherry keeps your heart healthy and strong. Cherry gives your imagination creative varieties of yummy dishes. Let cherry blossom in your merry heart.


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Comments (10)

Very good writing paulose...thank you for giving us such insight into Cherries.

Romancing the cherry, a wonderful article about the Cherry Blossom..voted

I love to see Cherry Blossoms but there aren't many in the Philippines, just few places but I love to see them in pictures. =)

The cherry and the blossom a wonderful message,

We have 4 cherry trees in our yard, it will be at least another month before they have blossoms.

Wow Maam Brenda, I hope I can see them even in pictures. I have seen one cheery tree in person and I am so amazed way back then..

We had cherry trees for years. I love cherries and I thought we were spoiled. It is great to read about the health benefits. You did another professional job with this article. I voted it up and tweet, Google +, plus Facebooked and stumbled

Very informative article. Voted

very good sir, voted. I also love cherries especially on ice creams

Really a wonder flower! I hope I could see it in photo. Voted up.