Enhanced Oral Chelation
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Enhanced Oral Chelation

The primary benefit of chelation is it keeps your arteries healthy. Because your entire practically depends on the health of your arteries, more specifically your heart,

What are the benefits of chelation? The primary benefit of chelation is it keeps your arteries healthy. Because your entire practically depends on the health of your arteries, more specifically your heart, healthy arteries means an overall healthier body.

What is Chelation?

Chelation is the process where dangerous heavy metals and other elements are bound and exreted out of the body. This keeps build up of these agents from happening, therefore preventing cloggin in the arteries. This is done with the help of an amino acid called ethylenediamine tetraacetic acid, or EDTA. This is usually used in heavy metal poisoning or simply keeping the arteries of the body free from clogging and healthy for a long period of time.

Kinds of Chelation

Chelation threapy comes in two varieties: oral chelation and intravenous chelation. In oral chelation, EDTA is taken into the body through the mouth in the form of tablets. A lot of water is required to be consumed while this kind of theraphy is being administered. It is an effective way of chelation theraphy, but it is more effective as a health supplement. Removing heavy metals and the build up of plaque in the body is usually handled more effectively by intravenous chelation. In this process, a needle is used to administer EDTA into the body's bloodstream. It is inserted directly in a vein to be more effective. The kind of chelation process required by a person is therefore dependent on the kind of condition they have. For serious heavy metal poisoning, intravenous chelation is the best choice. For simply preventing the build up of plaque and other elements that can clog arteries, oral chelation will do.

Keeping the Arteries Strong

Keeping your arteries strong benefits your entire body because it keeps a healthy blood flow going, especially in the heart. A good blood circulation does wonders to the entire body. It promotes healthy joint functions and it revitalies internal organs. This strengthens all the important parts of the body from the vascular system to the muscles and the joints. A good circulation also boosts your energy, giving you a better everyday experience in living your life. This can make you more active and eventually, more happy.

Other benefits of chelation includes improved sexual function, normal cholesterol levels and blood pressure levels. Skin will also benefit from this because good circulation rejuvenates the skin, especially if it is weak. Enhanced oral chelation does not just contain EDTA. It also includes other helpful elements that help keep the body healthy like vitamins B12, C and E, folic acid, selenium, magnesium, trimethylglycine and bromelain.


So, what are the benefits of chelation? It generally provides a way for you to clean up your arteries for better circulation that leads to an overall better health for your body. This is ideal for aging people who are already having problems with their blood circulation. Chelation can effectively make people's lives longer. Of course, adapting a healthier lifestyle by eating nutritious food and exercising regularly will help people achieve this.

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