Heart Healthy Foods and Diet Plan
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Heart Healthy Foods and Diet Plan

To have a healthy heart, forget the food from the freezer and canned.

At the heart health affects not only the right diet, but also the way of food preparation. According to experts, very poor food preparation can be considered for the so called silent killer of our health. Even otherwise healthy food can be poor preparation for completely discarded.

In hectic times, many people deal with their lunch and dinner or a semi fried foods from fast food. According to cardiologists, however it is the fastest way to endanger the health of not only your heart but also the weight and taste buds.

While heart disease depends mainly on genetic assumptions, however treatment regimen can be a number of negative processes in the body slow down or mitigate.

Healthy heart benefits in addition to proper diet as well as regular exercise, enough sleep and wellbeing.

Ten tips for meals, which are guaranteed to be good for our hearts

1st Purchase of raw materials, where have more choice of fresh products, seafood and meat.

2nd Completely discard frozen and canned food. These often contain large amounts of sodium and simple carbohydrates that are not healthy.

3rd Use for flavoring and coloring food fresh herbs instead of salt and the spice sachet. Fresh basil, mint, rosemary and garlic are completely perfect health.

4th Typical breakfast - bread and butter - you can prepare healthier: butter, try to replace olive oil with fresh thyme or basil.

5th Of course, should be to eliminate fried foods, baked goodies and a barbecue - there are healthier ways of preparing food.

6th A suitable preparation of food is recommended slower thermal preparation to ensure better flavor vegetables, poultry and fish.

7th Eat more fish and poultry. Both include low fat meat; fish also include so-called omega fatty acids, which are important for fat metabolism.

8th Pork contains more fat and speed up the process of atherosclerosis leading to heart disease.

9th Instead of desserts, such as of high-cakes, custards and ice creams, fresh fruit taste.

10th When you can not totally give up alcohol, limit to one drink per day! Red wine contains a small quantity of a substance protecting the heart, but in larger quantities can lead to alcoholism, high blood pressure, and excess weight and brain events.

Everything is a question of habit:

Change the menu from day to day is not an exact solution, but if every day you add one rule to be followed, then certainly protect your self from various heart disorders. Its make your body better from many toxins and the body will not only far more functional, but you will feel more at ease.

Of course you must not forget that there is sufficient fluids and getting enough exercise. When you do not fit the active sports, and then at least try to walk as much as possible. Everything is just a matter of habit, and elimination habits. Once overcome the initial moments of the body is relieved and will be much easier to comply with various restrictions.

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