Liposuction Fat Used to Make Stem Cells
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Liposuction Fat Used to Make Stem Cells

Research into using our own unwanted fat to create stem cells that can be used in developing new blood vessels and organs for us is rapidly advancing. It won't be long before we can regenerate ur bodies with new parts created from our own body fat. This exciting field of research has many people hopeful that there quality of life will be increased and that they will live longer.

Stem cell research has been a controversial topic for a few years now.  there has been a lot of debate over the use of embryonic stem cells prompting scientists to look for an alternative way to obtain the stem cells. Dr Michael Longaker has been one of the researchers that has been involved in this quest.

 In August of 2008 Dr. Longaker had performed a liposuction proceedure and then took the fat that had been removed from the patient to his lab at Stanford University. After several weeks, Dr. Longaker and his colleague, Dr. Joseph Wu turned the fat Into stem Cells. The actual transformation of the fat cells to stem cells only took 20 days. Once fat cells are turned into stem cells they can be used to produce much needed cardiac tissue to repair heart damage and by using your own body fat there will no problem with rejection of the tissue. This is an innovated solution to the ethical debate surrounding the procurement of stem cells.

Recent research has shown that fat cells obtained via liposuction can become the stemcells used to buld functioning blood vessels that can be implanted  rather then using an already existing blood vessel that will need to be taken from the patient when a cardiac bypass is needed. This will make the results of a bypass more effective since there will be no complications related to the removal of a vessel from a leg or othe site to use for the procedure. There is also the added benefit that your body will not regect a blood vessel or any other implant made from it's own fat cells.

Generally stem cells are taken from extracted  bone marrow. The procedure of extracing the bone marrow is painful while liposuction is a relatively simple procedure to arrive at the same place.

Using The fat cells from a liposuction proceedure is a breakthrough in stem cell research. As the research progresses, I am sure that there will be many benefits found to using what is an excess of  unwanted fatty tissue to create more efficient and effective ways to meed the various health problems that we face.

As this exciting area of reseach contimues there are many scientists that believe they will eventually be able to use the research to advance to the point of creating new organs to replace the failed ones in our bodies without the  worry of the patients body rejecting the new organ.

However far this research will take us, it will certainly be an exciting journey into the amazing possibilities of what science can do to improve life for the many people with heart or kidney disease as well as a host of other afflictions.

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