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Valiant Hero Yoga Versus the Killing Villain Blood Pressure

High blood pressure is the villain of modern health. High blood pressure is called “the silent killer”. Medical experts throughout the world have warned against the stress in modern lifestyle which causes high blood pressure. They also warn that if nothing is done the condition of blood pressure could rise by 60% over 20 years.


High blood pressure is the villain of modern health. Many researchers throughout the world have warned against the stress in modern lifestyle which causes high blood pressure. High blood pressure causes many fatal diseases. High blood pressure is called “the silent killer”. A team of international experts warns that the stress of modern life threatens to fuel the epidemic of cardiovascular diseases. They warn that one in four adults already has the dangerous condition of high blood pressure. They also warn that if nothing is done the condition of blood pressure could rise by 60% over 20 years.

Modern world has begun to look at yoga as the valiant hero who can fight against the villain high blood pressure. There was a time when yoga meant to be an image of “meditating Buddha”. But now yoga is gaining popularity all over the world. The western world has begun to understand various methods of yoga application as a system of healing. Yoga is not a religious ritual nor a martial art of acrobatic exercises. It is an art of healthy living.

Yoga can overcome stress and protect you from the dangers of high blood pressure.

High blood pressure or hypertension is the  is the beginning symptom of cardiovascular diseases. It is the number one killer of Americans. Practicing specific yoga poses or exercises can reduce stress and high blood pressure. Yoga practice has proved to lower the diastolic score of blood pressure.

Hail the benefits of “the hero yoga”

1) Yoga promotes relaxation of mind and body. Practicing yoga reduces the negative consequences of stress and tension. It improves blood circulation through deep breathing. It also improves physical strength and flexibility.

2) Yoga fights against obesity of modern life by controlling weight. Yoga poses provide the necessary change in the modern sedentary lifestyle.

3) Certain yoga poses have the therapeutic value for reducing high blood pressure and toning up the muscles, glands and internal organs.

Yoga poses to fight against high blood pressure

1)  Downward Facing Dog or Adho Mukha Svanasana is a pose standing like a dog on four legs and stretching the body. Standing on your palm and toes, your body looks like an upside down letter V.

2) Big toe pose or Padangusthasana is a body stretching exercise by touching the toes without bending the arms or legs. The Sanskrit word for this pose means holding the big toe posture. Bend forward at the waist, keeping the back straight and grab the big toes,  gently pulling them down.

3) Seated forward bend or Paschimothanasana is an easy stretching exercise. You sit with legs straight and pressed together. Then bend your body forward at the hips to reach the toes. The back should be kept straight.

4) Pranayama poses

There are many yoga poses for improvement in breathing. In Pranayama poses, the breathing is controlled and the heart rate is reduced. They help reducing the strain on heart. They also increase the stability of mind..

Please refer to my previous articles on yoga in this site. For example:

The above given poses are only a few of the asanas which reduce high blood pressure. All the yoga poses should be accompanied by slow inhaling and exhaling. There should never be any strain in practicing them. They should be studied in detail before practicing.

Wear the armors of yoga to fight against high blood pressure. Defeat the “killer villain”- high blood pressure. Protect your health. Wish you a long healthy life.  

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Comments (10)

Another great reason to get into Yoga!

Very good article, I have never really had the pleasure of trying Yoga before. I have tried meditation, who does this differ? Please explain dear friend.

If yoga could be learned like taking boxes of my hypertension maintenance tablets (Losartan,Simvastatin, Amlodipine) I will devote my time to take these 3 x a day, Paulose. Honestly I hate my doctor but I just don't have a choice since yoga was not in the option. A brilliant eye opener, thanks.

Thank you for your interest in yoga. Yoga is a way of living. It includes physical, mental and spiritual activities.

Excellent feature about yoga philosophy, thank you my friend.

Even though I'm a Pilates girl, I love yoga and they both benefit the body, mind and spirit. Life long practice is the key to a healthier life! Thank you Paulose!

Excellent article friend...Voted..

Must remember this helpful information.

What a really well put together article. Excellent work as always.

very good, hope you write more about yoga